1.14.16; on writing.

Bukowski offered up the best advice about writing, the want and such. Most haven’t the time to read a full on paragraph about writing, so I’ll get to his main point: Don’t try. I have a lot of writer friends who bemoan “i’ve got writers block,”. To that I say, “hush”.

There is no such thing as writers block. I’ll let that set in for a second.

Okay. So, there isn’t. Honestly.

There are just times when you have it and there are times when you don’t. A story cannot be rushed. A story cannot be hurried. The moment dictates the verse. I’ve always compared it to shitting. Hear me out.

Say you feel like you have to shit. So you sit upon your shitting chair, and you start to push. And nothing is happening! You are confused.  You sit there wondering why the shit won’t come out. You agonize upon your throne for ten, fifteen minutes, pushing and screaming as if you were in labor.

Still … nothing.

That’s not called shit blocked.

The story will come. The poem will come. The shit will come. Just don’t push. You keep pushing and you’re going to give yourself a hernia.


3 Responses to “1.14.16; on writing.”

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  2. HA! Such sage advice from such a smart man.

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